53504c4100a046c27c000094_icon-check-blue  We don’t just hire someone for you. Our consultation process is designed for us to understand your requirements better.

53504c4100a046c27c000094_icon-check-blue We look out for your short-term and long-term goal, to offer only the BEST quality of staff for your company.

53504c4100a046c27c000094_icon-check-blue Our 18 years of experience in the construction, transportation, and workplace health and safety industry gives us an edge among other offshoring companies.

53504c4100a046c27c000094_icon-check-blue We UNDERSTAND your needs and are equipped with a full-time management team who will look after your staff’s product training and performance.



banner53504c4100a046c27c000094_icon-check-blue After determining  your requirements and the placement fee has been processed, we will set out to find the best candidate for the role.

53504c4100a046c27c000094_icon-check-blue  Recruitment process will take 3 weeks. We will post job ads online and invite qualified candidates into our office to undergo the screening process.

53504c4100a046c27c000094_icon-check-blueThe applicants will take a series of tests including grammar exams, math, position specific tests, as well as personality tests.

53504c4100a046c27c000094_icon-check-blue Applicants will then be endorsed to a face to face interview while our recruitment team conduct background and reference check.

53504c4100a046c27c000094_icon-check-blue After the interviews and background checking, we will then present you with the top 3 candidates and you will be provided with their resume for final selection.



53504c4100a046c27c000094_icon-check-blue After recruitment, we will then introduce you to an assigned Accounts Manager who will look after your staff’s performance on a day to day level.

53504c4100a046c27c000094_icon-check-blue Our HR Officer will also conduct induction with your staff prior to starting to have a better understanding on Australian culture.

53504c4100a046c27c000094_icon-check-blue Our dedicated IT Team will set up your staff’s computer and you will have to provide a list of required tools and software.

We want to make it easier to handle the little details so you can focus on the bigger goals. Simply give us your to-do lists and get on with the things you love to do.

Constructas established high quality standards for our virtual staffs to ensure client satisfaction. Our Recruitment Team ensure to find top notch candidates for the position required by our client.

Whether you need a dedicated person or a project-based one, our team can work with you! Constructas number one rule is to make the client happy.