• 24/7 Electricity Backup generator to the office – No Brown outs
  • 24/7 Internet plus backup internet
  • Our Australian has 20 Years in the Construction, Trucking, WHS and Manufacturing Industry
  • 2.5 Years of operation in the Phillipines
  • Construction Background and training for backup support and training
  • Australian Systems already in place Eg, Australian Standards
  • CCTV – Security Cameras – in place – Like Big Brother – Audio if Required
  • Security of Information – Not home based workers – Massive security Risk
  • If you have a sample of what you are needing to be done and can send me
  • Australian in the Office cracking the whip
  • Can offer any computer software by our own internal IT
  • Computer monitoring if you would like it (takes a shot of the screen every approx 6 minutes)
  • Send sample work and we can get applicants to test for you
  • Accounts Managers specific to your field in the Philippines office managing your staff