Australia’s First Offshoring Company for the Construction Industry!

hand-holding-smartphone-png-image3Are you a builder or tradie getting 10-20 quotes a day? Are you paying someone full-time for more than $20 per hour to do your most basic administrative tasks? Or are you a medium enterprise in the construction industry looking to grow and expand your team? We offer office admin support for only $4.99* per hour.

With 20 years of experience in the Construction, Mining, Transportation, and Manufacturing Industry, we understand the challenges that you are facing. We know the mundane repetitive and time consuming tasks that can eat up your personal time as a business owner. So now, we have addressed all these issues for you. Our in-house staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills in helping Australian businesses.

Your time on the field and getting new paying customers in the door is more valuable than chasing up invoices, quote checking, doing CAD drawings, estimating, or setting up tender-boxes! And contrary to other offshoring companies, we focus on this niche industries, bringing our expertise and experience to add value to your company.

With Construct Admin Solutions, you can now free up your personal time and pass on these little tasks to our fully trained offshore team in the Philippines!



Why Choose Constructas?

At Constructas, we go beyond structural offshoring and are committed to the bigger picture. We make it a priority to work closely with the entire project team to understand the vision, sustainability and goals of our clients.

“We can offer you a Big Brother services for the full confidentiality of information.”

Industries We Service

construction      transportation        Workplace Health & Safety    manufacturing-png-23

Positions We Offer

From the most basic admin office support role, up to the most technical Engineering and Drafting staff, Constructas offers a wide option of support for your business needs.

Our staffing pool specializes on the Construction, Workplace Health & Safety, Transportation, and Manufacturing Industries. We help train your staff to understand the workaround on Australian work quality.